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Our Company

Marketing Wisdom Company is one of the leading marketing training center and agency in the country. We’ve served dozens of companies and taught hundreds of students. Throughout this journey, we’ve met countless individuals and businesses, either eager to learn about marketing or is having trouble with their marketing effort.

Our story began as a group of friends looking for a part-time job. We were working buddies on a certain advertising company, so all of us have an exposure to marketing. Because we expressed disapproval of our company’s management, we’ve decided to start a part-time job. We’ve created our own small business and we’ve started servicing our local town.

We started creating advertisements and promotional banners for small shops. We’ve also created social media accounts for them and taught them how to do social media marketing on their own. We offered two kinds of services: teaching marketing and doing marketing for others, especially for those shop owners who are too busy to handle marketing on their own.

We’ve put our all in helping our neighbors and local businesses. Many of them succeeded and is still running their business today, which are way bigger compared to the past.

We’ve experienced inexplicable joy seeing our clients happy about their increased business and profit. Seeing their smiles and the sparkle in their eyes gives us a warm feeling. We know that we’ve helped these small business owners establish their dreams successfully. We’re happy to think that their life and their family’s lives will start to change for the better.

Today, we served businesses big and small as well as individuals, no matter the age. We aim to educate everyone with marketing wisdom that will help them sell their products, their services, their skills or themselves.

We believe that learning proper marketing helps the world be a better place.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us now!