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Marketing Services

At Marketing Wisdom Company, your success is our success. We take your business ideas, goals, and target audience in mind. We put our shoes into your business as well as into your target audience. By doing this, we are able to create the best marketing plans and strategies that fit your current business needs and status.

We have different kinds of marketing services for your business. Currently, we offer the following:

Social Media Marketing

Everyone is at social media. Even businesses and large companies use social media to connect with their customers. It is only important that you create a strong social media presence to expand your reach and customer retention.

We will help you develop an effective social media marketing strategy from scratch. Even if you already have an established social media page, it can still grow and we will help you increase your reach and exposure. In general, we will:

  • Analyze your business
  • Develop and discuss strategies with you
  • Establish a budget and show you the expected return on investment you’ll get
  • Improve your social media presence and visibility
  • Create a persona for your brand and help you implement and manage that persona
  • Monitor and improve your social media reputation
  • Help you gain, retain, and engage your customers

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Search Engine Marketing

People use search engines all the time. They will use the most popular search engines to find their next shoes, computer, laptop, house, plumber, barber and more! Therefore, it is only imperative that you have a strong search engine marketing campaign in place.

We will help you develop a cost-effective, efficient search engine marketing plans and strategies to tremendously improve your business’s exposure. In general, we will:

  • Thoroughly do a keyword research to find the best keywords for your business
  • Develop intensive local SEM strategies focusing on every location as if it were your only location (if you have multiple branches in the nation or region)
  • Create easy to understand, clear and concise reports of the progress from the reports generated by state-of-the-art analytics and tools.
  • Implement A/B testing to find the best ad copies, texts, and strategies that will bring you the highest ROI

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Email Marketing

We will grant you access to tools that can help you create the best email copies that generate leads and conversions. In addition to that, we have a team of email copywriters that are willing to lend you a hand in crafting irresistible email content.

For e-commerce website owners, we also provide help in recovering your abandoned carts through abandoned cart email campaigns. This will help you recover as much as 10% of your abandoned carts which will certainly boost your sales and profits.

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Video Marketing

Videos are very popular nowadays. As the average internet speed goes higher, watching HD videos have become easier and more accessible for the average consumer. Therefore, they are starting to look for videos that can help them understand the product or service that they are gearing to purchase.

We will help you create effective videos that tell a compelling story seamlessly blending your CTAs in them. This way, the viewer will either emphasize with the video if its purpose is to evoke emotion or thoroughly understand the product or service that they intend to purchase, thereby increasing their confidence which results in the higher chance of them purchasing your products or services.

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